Course curriculum

    1. Your Adventure

    2. Pre-course Evaluation

    1. Emotional Intelligence Magnifying Glass

    2. What Did You Learn?

    3. Self-Awareness Exercise

    1. Empathy Flashlight

    2. What did you learn?

    3. Perspective-taking Exercise

    1. Growth Mindset Screwdriver

    2. What did you learn?

    1. Adaptability Chisel

    2. What did you learn?

    1. Work-Ethic Bottle Opener

    2. What did you learn?

About this course

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CREATE BRIDGES is in WNC to help rural communities build their capacity for strengthening the retail, tourism, hospitality and entertainment sectors. These sectors, which have been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, provide jobs and business opportunities that frequently boost rural economies. We've discovered that a primary concern of local employees is that they have training available for skills they want to improve. The Ready to Rock soft skills workshop series is designed to do exactly this! 

A Ready to Rock Professional is a regional employee in Western NC that focuses on maintaining a healthy, committed, and thriving workforce. These are employees who are committed to working in our region and to improving their own skills to promote our beautiful region. 

To obtain Ready to Rock Professional status, employees must complete a review of this online Ready to Rock 8-part video series and answer a few questions after each video. These brief videos will emphasize various data-driven strategies to promote empathy, emotional intelligence, team attitude and many more. 

After completion of this program, you will walk away with actual strategies to implement in your work and social life. Businesses who complete the Ready to Rock workshop series will earn the Ready to Rock Professional badge to display on your resume. This badge shows your dedication to providing a safe and desirable workplace for your coworkers and customers!