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This course covers various topics of interest to employers including employee retention, workplace culture, equity at work, leadership, and other topics to help employers support their employees.

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    1. Turning Jobs into Careers

    2. What Did You Learn?

    1. Holding Onto Your People

    2. What Did You Learn?

    3. Mutually Agreed Upon Expectations Template

    1. Training Best Practices

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    1. Finding the Best Employees

    2. What Did You Learn?

    3. Good and Bad Job Posting Examples

    4. Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics (KSAOs) for Tourism Industries

    1. The Truth About Leadership

    2. What Did You Learn?

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CREATE BRIDGES is in WNC to help rural communities build their capacity for strengthening the retail, tourism, hospitality and entertainment sectors. These sectors, which have been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, provide jobs and business opportunities that frequently boost rural economies.We've discovered that a primary concern of local business owners in WNC is how to deal with the current workplace shortages.  The Got Your Back Business training gives you tips on how to recruit, but more importantly, also how to retain employees.  

A Got Your Back Business is a regional business in Western NC that focuses on maintaining a healthy, committed, and thriving workforce. A Got Your Back Business provides career pathways for employees, while investing in their longevity and committing to their growth in their field. Obtaining the Got Your Back Business recognition shows customers, clients, and current or potential employees that as a Got Your Back Business, your business cares about your workforce. 

To obtain Got Your Back Business status, business owners must complete a review of this online Got Your Back Academy 8-part video series and answer a few questions after each video. These brief videos will emphasize various data-driven strategies to promote employee retention and skill development, improve leadership, support diversity and inclusion, and develop positive work culture. After completion of this program, you will walk away with actual strategies to implement in your business to support both your workforce and your bottom line. 

Businesses who complete the Got Your Back Academy will earn the Got Your Back badge to display in your business and on your marketing materials. This badge shows your dedication to providing a safe and desirable workplace for your employees. Show current and potential employees that YOU HAVE THEIR BACKS!